Financial Aid Dates of Interest

Financial Aid Dates of Interest for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Freeze Dates

Disbursement Dates

Refund Checks Mailed (TENTATIVE)

Summer 2015 -
     June 30

July 1, 2015 and
     July 6, 2015 *

July 10, 2015 and every week thereafter

Fall 2015 -
     September 25

September 28, 2015 and
     October 23, 2015 *

October 2, 2015 and every week thereafter

Spring 2016 -
     February 19

February 22, 2016 and
     March 25, 2016 *

February 26, 2016 and every week thereafter

* Students who have one term only loans will have their loans split into 2 disbursements as per federal regulations. The second disbursement may not be made until the student reaches the midpoint of the semester.

The Freeze Date is a predetermined date when financial aid freezes a student’s enrollment. Enrollment hours on that day will determine the amount of aid a student will have disbursed to their account. You must be registered for all classes you wish to take in that semester (including late start classes) or you will not be eligible to receive financial aid for that class.

The Disbursement Date is the date financial aid sends an electronic file to the college’s business office that switches your anticipated aid funds to real funds in preparation for checks being issued.

The Refund Date (Tentative) is the date that the college’s business office cuts checks and prepares for mailing. The published date is tentative and is subject to change at the discretion of the business office’s processing schedule.