International Student

A student seeking acceptance as an international student must contact the Admissions Office at 1.800.68.COLLEGE to begin the preparation and application process. It is important to note that Eastern Gateway does not provide housing and requires the following for acceptance and I-20 processing:

  • A statement of intent to enroll full-time in the intended associate degree and curriculum.
  • A statement from your housing sponsor verifying housing throughout the duration of enrollment.
  • A certified financial (bank) statement from your sponsor indicating a total amount accessible for total cost of education and living expenses exceeding $13,335 for one year.
  • TOEFL Score of 550.
  • Current Immunization Record.

Once all application documents are received and acceptance granted, the Admissions Director will begin the process through the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to issue the I-20. It is important that an international student contact the Eastern Gateway Admissions Office as soon as possible as the acceptance process needs to be completed three months before the start of the student's first semester.