LPN to RN ACCESS Program Requirements

The LPN to RN Program provides for an efficient progression from Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Registered Nurse (RN) with attaining an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) at Eastern Gateway Community College's Valley Center, Youngstown. The statewide nursing articulation model in Northeast Ohio is called ACCESS (Achieving Continuing Career Education for Success and Satisfaction). It enables optimal educational mobility for nurses in Ohio to continue from LPN and progress to an Associate's Degree and the Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree (BSN) at four-year colleges and universities.

Eastern Gateway’s program prepares graduates to provide direct care as an RN in acute, long-term, ambulatory, and community-oriented settings. The program prepares the nurse to participate in health promotion and maintenance of activities for the individuals in the context of a family and community. Upon program completion, the AAS graduate is eligible to take the NCLEX examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

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Admission Requirements to the college:



  • Application for general admission to the college may be completed at www.egcc.edu or meeting personally with an Admissions Advisor.



  • Demonstrate proficiency in Writing, Reading and Algebra, as evidenced by qualifying assessment scores (Compass/Asset, ACT or SAT), or previously completed college-level English Composition and Mathematics courses (EGCC or Transfer), or the completion of academic foundation courses (at EGCC or equivalent courses at another college/university), with a minimum grade of “C.”



 - Compass Assessment Result or ACT/SAT Scores



 - Fund. Reading & Writing I (ENG083 – 4 cr.) or Equivalent course at another college/university



 - Fund. Reading & Writing II (ENG095 –4 cr.) or Equivalent course at another college/university



 - General Math (MTH081 – 4 cr.) or Equivalent course at another college/university & Bridge to Inter. Alg (MTH082 – 4 cr.)



 -Introduction to Algebra (MTH095 –4 cr.) or Equivalent course at another college/university



Pre-requisites to Apply to Program:



  • Submit an official, final high school transcript, an official GED Score Report, or Certificate of completion of an approved home school program signed by the program principal.
  • Submit an official, final transcript that reflects the date of your graduation from an approved Practical Nursing Program (a minimum grade of “C” is required in each course).
  • Request Official transcripts from previous colleges/universities and submit Transcript Evaluation Form for each one attended.

 Submit to:
Eastern Gateway Community College – Jefferson Campus
 Admissions Office
 4000 Sunset Boulevard
 Steubenville, Oh 43952



  • Submit copy of current LPN license with medication certification (NAPNES, OOPNE, or OBON).

For:      Valley Center                                          For:       Jefferson Campus 

Submit to:  Kenny Rupert                                 Submit to: Dana Meadows
 Eastern Gateway Community College             Eastern Gateway Community College
 101 E. Federal Street/PO Box 1378                   4000 Sunset Boulevard
 Youngstown, Ohio 44503                                  Steubenville OH 43952



  • Complete Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO107) or an equivalent course, with a minimum grade of “C"



  • Complete Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO108) or an equivalent course, with a minimum grade of "C"
  • Complete Introduction to Psychology (PSY101) or an equivalent course, with a minimum grade of “C.”



  • Complete English Composition I (ENG101) or an equivalent course, with a minimum grade of “C”



  • Complete Introduction to Chemistry (CHM101) or an equivalent course with a minimum grade of “C.”
    Note: This course requires Elementary Algebra (MTH095) or Bridge to Intermediate Algebra (MTH082) as a prerequisite.





  • Overall GPA 2.0 once all pre-requisites completed.



When all pre-requisites are COMPLETED and your intent is to enter the nursing courses in the next semester:



  • Initiate LPN to RN Program Admission Application with the LPN to RN Program Administrator or an Admissions Advisor.
    NOTE: If all the above listed pre-requisites are not completed, the application will become void and you will need to re-submit an application once all items are completed. Grades for prerequisites must post to Self-Service prior to an application being submitted.



The initial course in the ACCESS Program is NUR 201 – LPN to RN Transitions. It is offered during the fall semester and if the need permits, spring semester. The application for deadline into the fall program is mid-May (the Friday following finals week). If space permits, a second review for entrance into the fall semester will occur in early August (the Friday following finals week). The deadline for application into the spring semester is mid-December (the Friday following finals week). Deadline dates for applying to the select health programs will be posted in the Admissions area and in the Nursing Lab area. If the application is submitted to Admissions, it will be forwarded to the Program Administrator for review. Seats are only assigned to a student who has completed all program pre-requisites.

Because of the rolling admission “open door” admittance policy, students can be in the middle of a semester, trying to complete specific pre-requisites and program seats can become unavailable. Applicants will be added to the program admission pool by the date/time in which the completed application is submitted, reviewed and signed off by the Program Administrator. Potential applicants are encouraged to apply early for acceptance into the program. In the event that applicants are equally eligible for admission into the program, the number of support courses completed will then be taken into account. If the applicants remain equal for eligibility at that point, a lottery draw will determine the eligible candidate.

Upon official program acceptance, a letter will be mailed to the student with specific instructions. Notifications will be forwarded to the address that the applicant has designated as his/her official mailing address with Admissions. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that his/her current mailing address has been reported to EGCC personnel. Alternate status letters are mailed when program capacity is met. Enrollment in health sciences programs is limited due to clinical availability. If an admission space becomes available close to the beginning of the semester, it may be necessary to extend the offer of program admission by phone. When contacting applicants by phone, if EGCC personnel are unable to make direct contact with the applicant, the offer of admission will then be extended to the next eligible applicant. Phone offers of admission will not be left in voice mailboxes, on answering machines, or with anyone other than the applicant.

The following actions constitute a decline of the offer of admission: 1) failing to attend the Mandatory Orientation session offered prior to the start of the semester; 2) relinquishing ones seat in the program prior to the beginning of the semester or 3) relinquishing one’s seat in the program after the semester has commenced. The applicant that declines the offer of admission must submit a new LPN to RN Program Application form to be considered for admission again. The new application may not be used to acquire the seat that was declined. Completing a new application will not grant the applicant priority admission to any future class in the program. You will be expected to follow the current pre-requisite standards at the time of reapplying, which may vary from your original application.

Once accepted into the LPN to RN Program, a student must: 1) earn a minimum of “C” (80%) in all NUR courses, 2) earn a minimum of “C” in each required support course in the curriculum, and 3) maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

During the semester the student is enrolled in NUR 201 LPN to RN Transition, he/she must complete:

  • Health/Physical Examination Record
  • Submit fingerprint/background check (performed at Program Orientation)
  • Health Insurance Verification- see Program Administrator for information if in need of Insurance.
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support- Health Care Provider Certification

Students who fail to complete these requirements will not receive a final grade in NUR 201 and will not be permitted to continue in the sequence of NUR courses.

The NUR 201-LPN to RN Transition Course CANNOT BE REPEATED. A minimum grade of “C” (80%) in NUR 201 is required for the student to be eligible for final admission to the program. Students who successfully complete NUR 201 will receive credit for their LPN course work by being granted 16 credit hours. The official LPN transcript must be on file at the Main campus in order for this transaction to occur.

Felony Convictions Information
The Ohio Board of Nursing will bar licensure of applicants who have been convicted of a felony including aggravated murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault, kidnapping, rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, aggravated arson, aggravated robbery, and aggravated burglary. Questions regarding these felony convictions should be directed to the Ohio Board of Nursing (614) 466-3947 prior to enrollment into the Program. Information can be found at www.nursing.ohio.gov.

Transfer Students
No nursing credits will transfer in from other Associate Degree Nursing or Baccalaureate in the Science of Nursing Programs. Entrance into this Nursing Program requires entrance from the beginning EGCC NUR course. All courses from accredited institutions will be evaluated for transfer to meet pre-requisites and/or support course requirements of the Program. Any transfer student is required to take a minimum of 18 credits at EGCC to be eligible to receive an Associate Degree from Eastern Gateway.