Information Technology (ATS)

Advances in networking and Internet technologies have created an increasing need for businesses to employ professionals trained in the information technology field. As a result of these advances, career opportunities in Network Administration have shown some of the fastest growth in the nation.

In our comprehensive program, complete coverage of hardware and operating systems is taught for several of the latest networking platforms. Students will gain the skills needed to set-up and manage high performance computer networks using the latest networking tools including TCP/IP, security firewalls, email and Internet services, and more. Students will also receive training in a variety of current technologies including Cisco and Microsoft. In addition, students learn how to troubleshoot and repair personal computers. Hands-on experience is provided to our students through extensive lab time in each technology related course.

This hands-on training is a key aspect of the program as it helps graduates successfully make the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our program may be just what you’re looking for to get you started on a career in today’s information technology driven world!

The graduate will be able to:

1. Install, upgrade, configure, and administer computer networking systems hardware, software, and industry troubleshooting procedures.
2. Demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills.
3. Develop a functional understanding of computer networks, hardware and systems.
4. Maintain and support information systems in a wide range of computing environments with Microsoft Windows 2000 and the integrated family of server products.

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.