Environmental Science-Water and Wastewater

The Environmental SciencePDF Program is designed for the student desiring entry level positions in environmental science, water and wastewater operations, green collar jobs, natural resources, resource management, or for those students transferring to a four-year institution with the desire to complete a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. Completed course work also may lead to other fields in biological sciences.

Field work, an internship and a portfolio of the students’ work will be required for completion of the degree. The water/wastewater course work provides necessary information to apply for the examination to become a certified Class A, I, II, III or IV water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection operator in the state of Ohio.

Water/Wastewater Treatment Work Experience and OTCO Certification Transfer

Eastern Gateway in collaboration with the Operator Training Committee of Ohio (OTCO) provides for transfer of your water/wastewater treatment work experience and OTCO certification to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Environmental Science with a water/wastewater major. A student may use two specific paths to receive 30 college credits for the OTCO training and certification:

Path 1 -- Provide documentation of all OTCO training/classes completed

Path 2 -- Provide documentation of one year of work experience in wastewater treatment.

Those planning to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Science Water/Wastewater Major from Eastern Gateway Community College must also complete the following:

  • COMPASS Placement Testing (if previous college credits do not meet specific writing and math levels)
  • All prerequisite, general and specific courses on the AAS grid
  • Minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework must be completed at Eastern Gateway to receive this degree.

The program requires the following courses, listed by code and totaling 64 credits:

First Semester   Second Semester  Summer   Third Semester   Fourth Semester
BIO114 BIO115  ENV103 CHM102 ENG104
COM101 ENG102  ENV123 ENV214 ENV108
ENG101 ENV102   ENV215 ENV216
ENV120 ENV122   MATH121 MTH128
ENV121 MTH120   PSY101  

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.