Electro Mechanical Engineering (ATS)

This program emphasizes those skills required by the highly competitive field of electro-mechanical technology. At the completion of the program, graduates will be engaged in designing, manufacturing, inspecting, operating, and maintaining various types of electro-mechanical systems. Within the mechanical component, manufacturing processes such as CNC & design aspects are emphasized. Within the electrical component, skills are developed in circuits, AC & DC machinery, and industrial programmable controller applications.

The graduate will be able to:

1. Demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills (verbal and written) with co-workers and other technical personnel.
2. Demonstrate the ability to apply mathematical and geometric concepts.
3. Demonstrate the ability to produce engineering drawings using manual drafting tools and computer-aided design systems.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of electrical principles and AC/DC machinery.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of manufacturing process on different machines, tools and materials by operating conventional and CNC equipment.
6. Apply concepts of statics to analyze and compute forces on and in structures that are at rest or moving with uniform velocity.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of principles of physics.
8. Demonstrate proficiency in industrial applications of programmable logic controllers.

Students who successfully complete the electro-mechanical major may continue their studies toward a bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering Technology and/or Industrial Technology at various universities. Further information regarding any of these opportunities is available through the department dean or transfer counselor.

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.