Corrections (AAS)

Changing social conditions, shifts in crime patterns and the presence of street gangs has impacted the field of corrections. As a result correctional employees must have a grounding in human behavior, possess strong interpersonal communications skills, be able to solve problems and think critically.

The interdisciplinary nature of the corrections curriculum is designed to provide students with these abilities by combining courses in the social and behavioral sciences with core classes that examine the organization, operation, and philosophy of each component of the corrections system.

The corrections major in the Associate of Applied Science will prepare students for employment in local, state or federal correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, probation and parole, or for transfer to a four-year degree granting institution.

The program director is Assistant Professor Thomas Hawley. His office number is 740.264.5591 x1759.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

1. Discuss the organization, operation, and philosophies of the various correctional agencies.
2. Identify and describe how procedural law are applied to issues of prisoner rights and the operation of correctional facilities.
3. Compare and contrast the categories of community-based corrections and discuss their impact on rehabilitation and recidivism.

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.