Associate of Technical Study (ATS)

The Associate of Technical Study Degree (Type A or Type B) is awarded for successful completion of an individually planned technical education program designed to respond to needs for specialized technical education not currently available in the college’s formal degree programs. As with all technical associate degree programs, the program leading to an Associate of Technical Study Degree must have an area of concentration which is the equivalent of 30 semester credit hours in technical studies. This concentration must be clearly identifiable with a career objective. The general studies (approximately 14 credits) and basic technically related (approximately 14 credits) components must also be satisfied. A minimum of 60 semester credit hours is required for all degrees offered by EGCC.

Associate of Technical Study (Type A)

The area of concentration for a Type A degree consists of a coherent combination of technical courses selectively drawn from two or more technical programs currently offered by the college. This combination must serve a career objective which would not be adequately addressed by any single existing college program. A minimum of 16 credits concentrated in a particular technology is required. The technical study degree is usually a course of study developed by the college, the employer or potential employer, and the student to meet specific employment and academic needs.

Associate of Technical Study (Type B)

The Type B degree is awarded for successful completion of an individually planned technical education program designed to respond to the needs of a concentrated specialized technology. Some portion of the required level or expertise in this specialization must be currently held by the student. This technical specialization may have been obtained through formal education, apprenticeship, journeyman, other occupational skill training program or unique life experiences. This background must be documented as to the nature of the experience, identified learning outcomes of the experience, how the learning outcomes were obtained, how the learning was verified and by whom. It is the student’s responsibility to develop a portfolio that specifically: (1) links the learning outcomes of previous learning experiences to an existing Eastern Gateway Community College course for which direct course credit may be granted; or, (2) documents and provides rationale for previous learning to be of significant value and of an appropriate college level that internship credit or special topic credit, in the amount determined by the reviewing technical study council, may be awarded. The portfolio may result in credits granted for specific courses already offered at the college or in a specific number of credits awarded as a block in the specialized area. Credits awarded for life experience that matches a specific course already offered at EGCC also may be applied to the Type A program or the Associate of Individualized Study degree.

In all cases, the basic ATS degree requirements will apply. The block credit awarded for the specialized technology will not exceed 30 technical block credits where one block credit is the equivalent of 15 hours of college-level education, as a minimum. The individual, with the assistance of an advisor, can select from a list of electives provided by faculty advisors and the dean and complete the technical block of study. The remaining nontechnical academic portion of the program will be completed under other degree programs. Final approval of the ATS Type B degree and granting of the ATS degree rests with the department dean.


All Associate of Technical Study programs (Type A and B) are coordinated by the department deans, and faculty. Portfolios are evaluated by the faculty connected to the specialized study program. The student interested in pursuing an ATS Type A degree must meet with the appropriate department dean who will assign a faculty advisor to assist the student. ATS Type A and B programs must be approved by the appropriate dean for award of credit. Exceptions to these requirements require approval. The student has the sole responsibility of developing the documentation (portfolio) for a Type B proposal. The student must provide all verification and supporting documents for the request and will usually be currently employed in the specialized technology undertaken. The Veterans Administration requires prior approval of the Type B program before payment will be made.

The college currently offers Type A programs in Instrumentation and Control, Electro-Mechanical, and Information Technology, and Type B programs in the general areas of Building/Construction Trades Technology, Electric Utilities Technician, Industrial/Manufacturing Trades Technology, and Utilities Services Production/Maintenance Trades.

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.