Associate of Science (AS)

The Associate of Science Degree at Eastern Gateway Community College requires a minimum of 60 semester hours. This degree provides a solid sciences education base and is flexible enough to permit the creation of a program to fulfill personal study desires or fulfill transfer requirements.

This degree gives substantial cost savings to the student completing the first two years of his/her baccalaureate program at Eastern Gateway Community College. A student seeking this degree will work with a faculty advisor and the transfer director in planning the academic program. The student also should consult with an advisor at the institution to which transfer is desired.

The Associate of Science (AS) Degree is a two-year degree program which parallels the first two years of a Bachelor of Science Degree at most four-year institutions. Depending upon the selection of electives in the AS degree, the student can progress into baccalaureate programs such as biology, chemistry, physics, sciences, mathematics, and other fields of interest in the science disciplines.

Suggested course sequence for the AS degree appears in the following chart. A list of general studies electives can be found at the beginning of the course description guide. All course descriptions, including electives, are found in the catalog course description guide. In planning a schedule, the student should know that all courses are NOT offered all semesters. Course sequencing and elective selection are critical. An appointment with an advisor or the director counselor is essential.

Eastern Gateway Community College has articulation agreements with many local colleges and universities, both two- and four-year. Students may check with a dean or the transfer director for an updated list or consult EGCC’s web site or the Course Applicability System.

The AS is designed for students who are planning to transfer into baccalaureate degree programs in science-related disciplines offered at four-year institutions.

The coursework includes the basic courses that are generally acceptable to the transfer institution. The major emphasis is on completion of general education requirements that are part of the senior institution’s requirements for science majors. These are in the areas of math, science, humanities and social sciences.

Students enrolling in this transfer program should be aware of the course requirements and application of transfer credits at the institutions to which they are considering transferring.

Working closely with the academic advisor and transfer director, a student will be able to tailor a program of study to fit the requirements of the desired transfer institution. It is the student’s responsibility to meet requirements of a program and the needs in regards to transfer.

Upon completion of the degree, the student will be able to:

1. Communicate effectively, using language, concepts and models of science.
2. Use the scientific method to define and solve problems independently and collaboratively.
3. Use a wide variety of laboratory techniques with accuracy, precision and safety.
4. Interpret scientific information accurately.
5. Demonstrate proficient library, mathematical and computer skills in data gathering and analysis.

Eastern Gateway Community College's Student Success Plan/Assessment is available for view in PDF format.

This information is presented as a general program overview. Students are advised to follow the more detailed college catalog for program requirements.