Associate of Arts (AA)


The Associate of Arts degree at Eastern Gateway Community College requires a minimum of 60 semester hours. This degree provides a solid liberal arts and sciences education base and is flexible enough to permit the creation of a program to fulfill personal study desires. The student has the ability to choose electives that will satisfy a student’s particular interests and future educational goals.

This degree also fulfills the general education requirements for most four-year colleges, and with the correct selection of electives, follows the Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGS) guidelines to transfer to state institutions in Ohio. This degree can be used for transfer into four year baccalaureate programs, usually giving substantial cost savings to the student completing the first two years of his/her baccalaureate program at Eastern Gateway Community College. A student pursuing this degree should work with a faculty advisor and the director of transfer in planning the academic program. The student should also consult with an advisor at the institution to which transfer is desired to avoid problems.

 Upon successful completion of the AA degree, the graduate will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate skills as original and critical thinkers, readers and writers.
  • Describe the interaction of history, culture, literature, economics and science as studied within a broad liberal arts curriculum.
  • Analyze and solve quantitative problems.
  • Show evidence of breadth and scope of awareness of diverse approaches to knowledge.
Associate of Art Course Grid (AA)