Directory - Alphabetical Listing

Eastern Gateway's toll free number: 800.682.6553
Jefferson County Campus: 740.264.5591
         4000 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville OH 43952
Valley Center: 330.480.0726
         101 Federal Plaza East, Youngstown, OH 44503
Warren Center: 330.393.0331
         103 Market St., Warren, OH 44481

Employee and Department Contacts, E-mails and Phone Numbers

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Academic Affairs     740.2669604
Academic Advising     740.266.9991
Academic Programs    

740.264.5591 or

Administrative Services     740.266.0807
Admissions   740.266.9712
Altiero, Ashley Project Hope 330.941.2390
Anderson, Dena Administrative Services 740.266.0809
Anderson, Tracey Financial Aid 740.266-9629
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Baber, Dr. James Academic and Student Affairs 740.266.9605
Barcalow, Hallie Community Outreach 740.266.9904
Barker, Marlise Financial Aid 740.266.9632
Beulah, Lori Project Hope 740.346.2544
Billing     740.266.9625
Brom, Joseph Faculty 740.266.9643
Burns, Joyce Project Hope 740.266.9619
Business Services     740.266.9620
Business Technologies   Academic Programs  740.266.9707
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Canter, Marsha Student Records 740.266.9630
Cardiff, Kathy

Program Director 740.264.5591
Carducci, Cynthia Faculty 740.266.9671
Carney, Brent Faculty 740.266.9716
Carrocce, Audrey Project Hope  330.424.4052 x236
Choffin CTC   Youngstown 330-744-8710
Ciccarelli, Mark Workforce and Community Outreach 740.266.9902
Clark, Sonia Business Services 740.266.9620
Coburn, Amanda Career Services 740.266.9740
Coil, Donna Business Office 740.266.9625
College Fax    


Collins, Dr. Dorothy TRiO/SSS and Academic Advising

330.480.0726 x3128

Community Education     740.266.9904
Crew, Marilyn Upward Bound 740.266.9713
Cruny, Kathy Faculty 740.266.9669
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Dao, Nghi Faculty 740.266.9706
D'Apolito, Anthony Operations Manager-Valley Center 330.480.0726 x1111
DeChant, Patricia Information Support Specialist 330.480.0726 x1001
Dental Clinic Jefferson County Campus   740.266.9690
Dickinson, Abbi Receptionist 330.480.0726 x0
DiCarlo, Melanie President’s Office 740.266.0802
DiGiacobbe, Patricia Technology Support Specialist 330.480.0726 1120
Dulaney, Thomas Faculty 740.266.9672
Dziewatkoski, Julius Building and Grounds 740.266.9692
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Easterling, Patricia TRiO/SSS 740.266.9616
Eastham, Brian   Project Hope   
Eft, Steven Project Hope 740.266.9664
EGCC Foundation EGCC Foundation 740.266.0810
Elliott, Christine LPN to RN ACCESS Program Administrator 330.480.0726 2109
Emery, Angela Library 740.266.9653
Engineering Technologies   Academic Programs 740.266.9707
Exley, Eric Faculty 740.266.9702
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Fax-Administrative Services     740.264.0961
Fax-Business Office     740.266.2992
Fax-President's Office     740.264.0961
Featner, Marlana Admissions 740.266.9642
Financial Aid     740.266.9659
Fine, Lori Advisor/Recruiter 330.480.0726 3109
Fisher-Ciancetta, Shirley Faculty 740.266.9682
Flanigan, C. Joanna  Business Services 740.266.9622
Fletcher, Sarah Admissions 740.266.9735
Flinn, Melissa Secretary 740.266.9712
Foley, Dianna Faculty 740.266.9646
Freeman, Michael Faculty 740.266.9757
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Gaumer, Shelly Faculty 740.266.9668
Gilkey, Kevin IVDL Classroom Assistant 740.266.9737
Glaid, Timothy Faculty 740.266.9638
Gombar, Dawn Student Learning 740.266.9713
Graham, Tammy Faculty 740.266.9666
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Harris, Tom   Maintenance 740.266.9691
Haught, Cynthia Financial Aid 740-266.9636
Hawley, Thomas Faculty 740.266.9759
Health Services   Academic Programs 740.266.9728
Henry, Carissa Project Hope 740.266.9601
Henry, Elizabeth Instructional Specialist - Blackboard 740.266.9606
Hince, Judith Faculty 740.266.9645
Horkey, Mary Central Services 740.266.9683
Householder, Michael Technology Services 740.266.9724
Hoover, Christopher Upward Bound and TRIO SSS 740.266.9715
Huggans, Sheryl Community Outreach 740.266.9910
Humanities   Academic Programs 740.266.9706
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Information Commons at Valley Center Cathy Logan, Patricia DeChant, Pamela Tarajcak Information Support Specialists 330.480.0726 x1001
Information Technologies   Academic Programs 740.266.9707
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Jefferson County Campus   Steubenville 740.264.5591
Johnston, Patricia Project Hope 330.729.4171 x197
Jones, Mary Beth TRiO/SSS 740.266.9614
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Klinesmith, Jerry Dean 740.266.9707
Knox, Dr. Kenneth Faculty 740.266.9670
Koon, Ann Public Information/Web Administrator 740.266.0804
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Lawrence, Darrel Faculty 740.266.9647
Lawson, John   Maintenance 740.266.9692
Leasure, Cindy Project Hope 740.346.2544
Liebschner, Susan Project Hope 740-346-2544
Library   Jefferson County Campus 740.266.9653
Logan, Cathy Librarian/Information Support Specialist 330.480.0726 x1001
Logan, Tonya Business Services 740.266.9623
Looman, Jessica Project Hope 740.264.5591
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Mahoning CCTC   Canfield 330.729.4100
Mallis, Brenda Financial Aid 740.266.9634
Mavromatis, Holly Library 740.266.9653
McCoy, Jacqueline Project Hope 740.346.2544
McCray, Betina TRiO EOC 330.480.0726 3115
McGrail, James Business Services 740.266.9621
McNicholas, Shanna Project Hope 330.941.2149
Meadows, Dana Faculty 740.266.9730
Meeks, Dr. Laura President 740.266.0801
Miller, Judy Faculty 740.266.9613
Miller, Tracy Faculty 740.266.9659
Modlin, Elizabeth Enrollment Management 740.266.9655
Moore, Billy (Russ)   Maintenance 740.266.9692
Moore, Constance Faculty 740.266.9732
Moore, Susan Recruiter 330.480-0726
Myers, Monette Technology Services 740.266.9725
Myers, Tawnya Receptionist 740.266.9600
Myler, Robert   Building and Grounds 740.266.9692
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Nawaz, Hamid Faculty 330.480.0726
Neff, Erik TRiO EOC 330.480.0726 x3116
Nemeth, Brian   Maintenance 740.266.9692
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O'Brien, John Capital Projects and Physical Plant; Alumni and EGCC Foundation 740.266.0810
Oelker, Caleb IDVL Classroom Assistant  330.480.0726 x1104
Orizczak, Molly Payroll and HR Clerk 740.266.0811 
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Parish, JoAnn Valley Center 330.480.0726 x3104
Parnicza, Roberta Faculty 740.266.9651
Peters, Donna Admissions Clerk 740.266.9608
Porter, Sara Business Office 740.266.9624
Preschool   Jeffeson County Campus 740.266.9682
President   Dr. Laura Meeks 740.266.0802
Prichard, Shari Project Hope 740.346.2544
Provenzano, Johnna Transfer 740.266.9639
Public Services   Academic Programs 740.264.5591 x228
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Raupach, Robert Faculty 330.480.0726 x3122
Registrar   740.266.9611
Rekowski, Lois Library 740.266.9654
Rice, Charles   Maintenance 740.266.9692
Rich, Scott Technology Services 330.480.0726
Richardson, Pam Project Hope 740.266.9617
Riffle, Sheila Administrative Services 740.266.0807
Robinson, Jessica Project Hope 740.264.5591
Rogers, Tyra Secretary 740.266.0727
Romanek, Dr. John Faculty 740.266.9717
Roney, Diane Faculty 740.266.9731
Rook, Rebecca Faculty 740.266.9762
Rupert, W. Ken Advisor/Recruiter 330.480.0726 x3101
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Salvayon, Connie Faculty 740.266.9640
Savko, Margaret Financial Aid 330.480.0726 x3105
Scott, Jennie Faculty 330.480.0726
Scurti, Carol Student Activities 740.266.9662
Sechler, Katie Advisor/Recruiter 330.480.0726 x3108
Senary, James Faculty 330.480.0726 x3120
Shuster, Jaime Faculty 330.480.0726 x3119
Singh, Donna Dean's Offce 740.266.9728
Sistilli, Dr. Cathy Faculty 740.266.9658
Smith, David Technology Services 740.266.9667
Snell, Nicholas Project Hope  
Snider-Flohr, Robin Dean 740.266.9729
Social Sciences   Academic Programs 740.266.9708
Spearman, Stacey TRiO EOC 330.480.0726 x3117
Stahl, Diane Project Hope 740.346.2544
Stephen, Vicki Academic and Student Affairs 740.266.9604
Straker, Joanne Receptionist 740.266.1600
Student Learning Center     740.266.9771
Student Senate at Valley Center    
Student Services     740.266.9649
Stull, Beth Faculty 740.266.9649
Sturch, Jason   Maintenance 740.266.9692
Sturch, Patty Registrar 740.266.9611
Suggs, Angela Project Hope 740.264.5591
Sutton, Donalyn Student Records 740.266.9674
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Tarajcak, Pamela Information Support Specialist 330.480.0726 x1001
Technology Services   740.266.9688
Thorn, Keith Police Academy 740.266.9675
Transfer Helpline Transfer Credits 740.266.9639
Trumbull CTC   Warren 330.847.0503
Tubaugh, Marilyn Faculty 740.266.9652
Tucci, Karen Technology Services 740.266.9726
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Valley Center 101 Federal Plaza E Youngstown 330.480.0726
Vance, Robert Faculty 740.266.9679
Vance, Stephanie Faculty 740.266.9722
VanTassel, Sherrilyn Administrative Services 740.266.0806
Vein, George Technology Services 740.266.9612
Vitlip, Carol Dean's Office 740.266.9708
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Wanat, Christina Student Learning 740.266.9714
Warren Center   Warren 330.393.0331
Welshans, Anna Marie Faculty 740.266.9733
Williams, Lee Ann Faculty 740.266.9698
Wilson Twyford, Abbie Student Activities at Valley Center 330.480.0726
Wilson, Kelly Financial Aid 740.266.9635
Workforce Training     740.266.0910
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Yaich, Tracy Upward Bound 740.266.9776
Yankush, Mallory Recruitment Coordinator 330.480.0726 x3103
Young-Bright, Ty-Juan TRiO/SSS 740.266.9739
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Zack, Alisha A.B.L.E. 740.266.9771
Zambrini, Dante Operations VP 330.480.0726 x3121
Zvara, Lynn Faculty 330.480.0726 x3123
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