Vision & Mission

EGCC TRIO/SSS will be recognized as a student-focused center of excellence in academic advising, tutoring, counseling and mentoring. The TRIO/SSS Program serves as a resource and voice for undergraduate, first-generation, low-income students and students with disabilities at EGCC. There is a learning environment within which challenges students to grow personally and professionally. We nourish a sense of empowerment and strive to bridge the gap between the dream and the reality of achieving an undergraduate degree. We are at the forefront of effective advising, counseling, mentoring and administrative practices, and will be regarded as a diverse community of advisors, tutors, mentors, instructors, and administrators dedicated to the success of our students.

The mission of the EGCC TRIO/SSS Program is to prepare eligible students to achieve an undergraduate degree. Our goals are:

  •  To increase retention and graduation rates;
  •  To foster an institutional climate supportive of success;
  •  To provide services, opportunities, and resources that enhance personal skills and academic competencies;
  •  To engage students in the process of active learning; and
  •  To encourage reciprocal teaching.