Online Course List

Eastern Gateway's online courses allow you to take classes that apply to your major or to transfer to your home university. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers the lowest tuition in Eastern Ohio.

Some courses are self-paced so you can finish early or start later and complete the course by the end of the semester. Support is available 24/7 online or by phone.

The following list of courses by course code and title are offered online by Eastern Gateway. Consult Self-Service for availability. Not all courses are offered each session. 

ANT102 Cultural Anthropology
ART101 Survey of Art History
ART104 Art History I
ART105 Art History II
BIO101 Basic Anatomy
BIO103 Nutrition
BIO107 Human Anatomy/Physiology I
BIO108 Human Anatomy/Physiology II
BIO203 Principles of Microbiology
BIO204 Ecology
BIO265H Biological Evolution
BUS101 Introduction to Business
BUS102 Foundations of E-Commerce
BUS111 Business Math
BUS201 Principles of Marketing
BUS203 Business Law I
BUS204 Business Law II
BUS205 Advertising and Promotion
BUS206 Entrepreneurship
BUS207 Salesmanship
BUS211 Social Media Marketing
BUS221 Business Ethics
CHM101 Introduction to Chemistry
CIS101 Personal Computer Applications
CIS222 Spreadsheet Concepts
CIS225 Database Concepts
CJT101 Introduction: Criminal Justice
CJT103 Crisis Intervention
CJT215 Victimology
COR205 Juvenile Delinquency
COR208 Constitutional Rights of Prisoners
CSS106 Succeeding in College
DAS102 Dental Sciences
DAS103 Preventive Dentistry
DAS111 Dental Administrative Procedures
DAS203 Expanded Assisting I
DAS204 Expanded Assisting II
ECE101 Cog/Phy Dev of Children
ECE102 Soc/Emot Dev of Children
ECE110 Wellness and Safety in Early Childhood
ECE111 Soc/Family/Diversity
ECE112 Integ Lang/Literacy
ECE113 Integ Math/Science
ECE114 Integ Music/Art/Play
ECO101 Macroeconomics
ECO102 Microeconomics
EDU105 Introduction to Education
EDU200 Foundations of Education
EDU201 Instructional Technology
EDU202 Classroom Management
EDU203 Literacy, Language and Phonics
EDU210 Children Literature
ENG101 English Composition I
ENG102 English Composition II
ENG103 Business Communications
ENG104 Technical and Professional Writing
ENG201 Introduction to Literature
ENG202 Survey of World Literature
ENG254 American Literature: Early Period
ENG255 Survey of American Literature I
ENV102 Environmental Sustainability
GEO101 World Geography
GEO201 Human/Cultural Geography
HIM104 Reimbursement Methodologies
HIM105 Comp Soft Application in Health Care
HIM108 Healthcare Delivery System
HIM215 Healthcare Quality and Statistics
HIM230 Legal and Ethical Concepts
HIM251 Healthcare Indexes/Registries
HIM252 Management of Health Info
HIS101 World Civilization I
HIS102 World Civilization II
HIS104 U.S. History – The Formative Period
HIS105 U.S. History – The Modern Period
HIS117 History of Japan
HIS121 History of the Middle East
HIS122 History of South Asia
HSC101 Medical Terminology
HSC103 Law and Ethics
HSC104 Medical Insurance
HSC106 Adm Medical Office Skills
IDM101 Digital Media Foundations
IDM111 Web Languages
IDM121 Interactive Media Program
IDM222 Simulation and Game Development
IDM251 Capstone in Internet/Digital Media Design
MGT201 Principles of Management
MGT202 Organizational Behavior
MGT208 Human Resources Management
MTH100 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MTH102 Survey of Mathematics
MTH120 College Algebra
MTH128 Statistics
NET127 Windows 7 Configuration
NET128 Windows 8 Configuration
NET129 A+Essentials
NET130 Fundamentals of Network+
NET242 Configuring Advanced Window Serve 
PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy
PSC101 American Government
PSY101 General Psychology
PSY201 Child Development
PSY205 Human Growth and Development
PSY206 Adolescent Development
PSY211 Abnormal Psychology
PSY219 Characteristics of Exceptional Children
PSY220 Educational Psychology
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC102 Sport in American Society
SOC110 Sociology of Marriage and Family