Contacts For Current Students

Dr. James BaberDr. James Baber
Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 
800.682.6553 x1605

Dorothy CollinsDorothy Collins
Dean of TRiO Programs and Academic Advising
740.264.5591 x1663 or 330-744-8967 x4513
Fax: 740.266.2706 or 330-744-8729

Dr. Robin Snider-FlohrDr. Robin Snider-Flohr
Dean of Health and Public Services
800.682.6553 x1729
Fax: 740.266.3195

Ohio Means Jobs
Brian Henry
Career Services on Jefferson County Campus
740.264.5591 x1765

Johnna ProvenzanoJohnna Provenzano
Coordinator of Transfer
740.264.5591 x1639

Lois Rekowski

Lois Thompson Rekowski
Director of Library Services
800.682.6553 x1654

Christina WanatChristina Wanat
Dean of Student Learning
800.682.6553 x1714

Ty-Juan Young-BrightTy-Juan Young-Bright
TRIO Academic Counselor/Mentor Coordinator
800.682.6553 x1739
Fax: 740.266.2706