Services for Students with Disabilities

Eastern Gateway Community College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for disabled students. Examples of reasonable accommodations include alternative methods of testing and/or showing mastery of required material, modification of time allowances for testing and/or required projects, note-takers, interpreters, and/or approved assistance equipment, access to lecture notes and materials such as overheads. Effective and reasonable accommodation in the classroom does not include fundamental alteration of the curriculum, classroom standards, and length of class. Accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis by the college.

Students are provided with a Health Information Form at the beginning of their first semester. Forms may also be picked up at the Admissions or the Medical Records Specialist Office. Students are responsible for completing the form and indicating where appropriate any disabilities for which they may need special services. This form is returned to the Admissions Office or the Medical Records Specialist Office. At this time, the student should also make arrangements to meet with the director of the Learning Skills Lab. The director will assist students in resolving immediate issues, provide assistance with academic concerns, and attempt to answer student questions. Pertinent documentation from a medical professional, psychiatrist, or psychologist must be provided to the director. Students must also complete an Authorization of Release form, an Academic Information form, an Eligibility Status form, and a Student Checklist form so that efforts directed toward making the appropriate accommodations can be initiated.