Environmental Monitoring Technician

Environmental Monitoring Technicians perform laboratory and field tests to monitor the environment and investigate safety hazards and sources of pollution that affect human, animal, and habitat health, by observing work sites and surrounding areas; collecting samples of gases, soil, water, and other materials for testing; and reporting findings to supervisors.

Program Description
Class Schedule
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The environmental monitoring technician will be given a strong foundation in the scientific method and laboratory basics, including a review of the terminology and vernacular used in testing environments. Students will learn to conduct a variety of tests and monitoring tasks encountered in the work place. The exercises will require students to think critically, establish standard practices and procedures, and write accurate reports. Students will be asked to distinguish differences and changes in the objects being monitored, use manual and electronic measurement and testing tools, and record detailed test results and observations.

Areas to be covered during the training include:

  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Water quality testing
  • Vegetation inspection
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Road impact studies
  • Reclamation and remediation monitoring
  • Safety checks
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Spill reporting

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the course.

 Class Schedule: There are currently no classes scheduled for this course.