Unmanned Aircraft Training

Eastern Gateway Community College received a one-year Certificate of
Authorization (COA) from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly an unmanned
aircraft in Jefferson County for professional training purposes.

A COA is a waiver issued by the FAA to allow limited flight of Unmanned Aerial
Systems (UAS) in National Air Space. The COA granted to Eastern Gateway allows
for the flight of a Nano Shrike III Micro Aerial Vehicle in partnership with Williams
Aerospace (Honolulu, Hawaii) and S.T.A.R.T., LLC (Mingo Junction, Ohio).

The COA will support the establishment of additional partnerships and a training
program for qualified emergency management, law enforcement, and other
public safety personnel being developed by Eastern Gateway’s Workforce and
Community Outreach department. The UAS program will provide emergency
service professionals access to standardized training in the safe operation and
application of UAS technologies, including simulated UAS operations, scenario
based flight training and best practices and procedures.

For additional information, contact Tracee Joltes at tjoltes@egcc.edu or 800.68.COLLEGE x1910.